Destination Deep Tech

Base your operations in the deep tech heart of Saudi Arabia and expand your reach to the MENA region.


What's in store?

Destination Deep Tech is a 3-month program that provides deep tech startups with everything they need to explore opportunities and expand in Saudi Arabia. Through digital sessions and a three-month physical soft landing program at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), you will have the chance to explore the Saudi market and startup ecosystem, connect to world-renowned researchers and leverage KAUST’s unique infrastructure.

Expect weekly activities, opportunities to attend major startup events, access to KAUST’s world-class labs and explore the ecosystem to make the most of the flourishing campus talent & community.

This program is a chance for startups to explore Saudi Arabia with the support of KAUST behind them. Participants will drive their own growth and expansion, looking for relevant connections and collaborations according to their business goals. KAUST will open doors to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing a solid launch pad for startups to make an impact.

A Two Part Program

The program begins with a series of digital events to showcase what opportunities lay ahead for you in Saudi Arabia. Successful applicants will be invited to this exclusive event series; you will learn more about KSA’s growing economy and what KAUST has to offer. At the end of the digital events, startups interested in continuing will be required to pitch to move on to the next stage. Successful startups will be invited to attend the three-month physical program at KAUST in Q1 2023 and will receive the support they need to make this their new hub in the region.


KAUST is the leading research center in the MENA region. The university encourages discoveries that address global challenges and drives innovation, economic development and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia and beyond. KAUST offers best-in-class infrastructure, from state-of-the-art labs to a vibrant research and technology park that hosts more than 60 startups and SMEs. Not only that, KAUST has best-in-class researchers and talent along with a tech transfer office that can give you access to thousands of IPs to complete your portfolio. KAUST also has a venture capital fund, KAUST Innovation Ventures, and your host, the Entrepreneurship Center, one of the most recognized entities in the entrepreneurial space in the MENA region.

  • Ambitious Ecosystem

    Saudi Arabia is a diverse part of the world currently experiencing rapid economic growth and has excellent connectivity to the MENA region. Attracting innovation across various markets, their key focus areas are energy, water, food and agriculture, sustainability, AI and robotics, smart cities solutions, health, and mobility as part of Vision 2030.

  • Facilities

    The Core Labs are essential for startups looking to tackle global challenges and develop deep tech solutions, home to twelve deep tech research facilities. Participants will be based in the KAUST Research and Technology Park within the KAUST campus.

  • Network

    KAUST is an established innovation hub supporting startup growth, offering investment funding, industry collaboration programs, multiple startup programs and a vast mentor network.

  • Community

    KAUST is more than just an exceptional university. It is a beautifully designed cosmopolitan community with trees, gardens, plazas, parks and sea views. The dynamic community has 7,000 residents from 100+ countries with everything you need to live, work, study and play.


A two phase program
  1. You will be invited to attend a series of digital sessions upon admission. You can explore the program over three weeks, during which we will host several interactive events with key stakeholders of the Saudi Arabian ecosystem.

  2. SESSION 1
    Meet Destination Deeptech

    The first session will introduce you to the core team and more details about the program. It’s also a chance to meet the other startups applying to the program.

  3. SESSION 2
    Meet the Saudi Ecosystem

    The second session will introduce you to what the Kingdom has achieved, what it is currently doing to support the economic activity of startups, and the opportunities that lie ahead. You will hear from MISA, as well as other ecosystem experts.

  4. SESSION 3
    Meet KAUST

    During the third session, you will meet the extended KAUST family, including technology transfer, Core Labs and KAUST SMART and discover areas of collaboration early on.

Want to learn more?

Interested in knowing more about the facilities at KAUST, the growth of the KSA or the aspects and key advantages of the program? You can download the Destination Deep Tech brochure below.